Hello, comrades

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey. I’m JKBC and I’m going to be blogging here for… a while, I hope. Probably till I can’t afford the internet.

It’s called Anger is Justified because… hey, it really is. You look at the state everything’s in and frankly you’d be mad not to be angry. Or sad. (by sad I mean absolutely devastated…)

I fluctuate between the two. So there will be rants, on every subject that comes into my head. I’m firmly anti-kyriarchy, pro-equality, so expect quite a bit about various aspects of that. I can also be rather strange, so expect some of that as well.

Ah well, let’s get going. WordPress is being very friendly to me – it keeps saying Howdy. No-one’s ever said howdy to me before…

  1. Pieface says:

    Hey I’ve said howdy to you before… haven’t I?

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