Taste of their own medicine…

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Finance, Politics
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I hear MPs are complaining about tighter expenses regulations. What’s that? They have LESS MONEY? Oh noes!

Ha. Never mind the vast cuts the government is making to everyone else in the country. Never mind the fact that they misused the privilege of having freer regulations. Nope, never mind all that.

The Budget has targeted poorer households disproportionately. The richest sector of society – which I would imagine includes many MPs – will pay proportionally less. (What a very Tory policy! I knew they’d screw us…) And yet they complain when they see even a slight amount of their income being taken away.

The public were understandably and necessarily outraged about the expenses scandal. With the country’s finances in crisis, rich, rich people were scamming the system out of even more. They talk about benefits scroungers, but how are they any different?


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