Pills, glorious pills….

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Bodies, Gender, Personal
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So, my friend A. has a bottle of diet pills. It’s pink. They’re pink. Pretty little pearly pink tablets that supposedly help her lose weight. I don’t know what they were or I’d be looking them up right now to find something I could use to convince her out of using them, because I’m sure they’re not good for anyone.

Apparently that was the only colour there was (although she would have bought pink anyway…) This is sending out a very definite message. ‘Everyone knows’ that pink is for girls. Everything most people are taught in childhood tells them that little girls like pink and little boys like blue (and all the rest of the rainbow). Therefore, with this groundwork, the packaging and colour is sending a clear message: weight loss is for women.

We get this message every day. We’re bombarded by it. Weight loss = women. It’s in all the media – it’s everywhere we look. The gendering of dieting encourages women to be hyper-critical of their weight and try to lose weight at all costs, and it utterly erases the eating disorders of non-women.

I really hate the whole idea of diet pills, but I hate them more when they’re gendered, pinkified. It makes them seem, to women raised on a diet (pun unintentional…) of pink, unthreatening and even ‘cute’. And A. thought I was uncomfortable with the pink because it discouraged men from using it (hahaha… I wish they were sick colour so they discouraged everyone…)

At least A. is no longer starving herself or trying to be bulimic… I worry about her. She’s not overweight. She’s clever and fun and good and independent and kind and awesome and beautiful and healthy. Wish I knew what those damn pills were…

  1. Pieface says:

    WHAT?! Diet pills?! Tell me it’s not who I think it is! 😦 😦 😦 😦

  2. JKBC says:

    Probably. Text me if you want to know (in-depth discussion of personal, IRL stuff stays OFF the public comments threads.)

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