Posted: September 2, 2010 in Education, Science
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Sometimes one wishes one had at least double the brain capacity. Why? Well, this ‘one’ is devoting energies towards organic and social science – ie the science of life and living. But sometimes, physics seems like an incredible field.

I love these advanced theories. A few years ago, I had an excellent lecture on string theory, illustrated by a guitar, and while some of the details got lost after a few hours I was utterly fascinated (yes, now you mention it, I did know many of the things the lecturer played on the guitar…). Now it’s M-theory, a theory posited by Edward Witten that Stephen Hawking talks about in his new book, The Grand Design.

I’ve just read a short extract and it was mesmerising. I understand parts of it although I have trouble pulling it into a whole – maybe reading the book will help there, although I don’t expect to understand everything. I love the idea of 10 to the 500 universes that are so totally alien we can’t even comprehend them. I love the idea of solving these massive mysteries.


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