Quietly out

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Education, Gender, Personal
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Back to the educational grind… and lucky me, I picked an extra course so I have very little in the way of frees.

I’m going to be quietly out. I won’t hide what I am. I’ll talk about who I am attracted to like there’s nothing ‘odd’ about it (which there isn’t, by my personal standards… sadly others disagree). I’ll dress how I like to dress. I’ll ask people to call me the name I want to be called.

Haven’t quite worked up the courage to ask for the pronouns… but oh well.

This is a bit of a mission statement, that I can come back to again and again when I feel like caving in and going back in the closet. I’m not going to proclaim myself from the rooftops – but nor am I going to deny what I am. I hope it’ll be fine. I hope there’ll be no problems. I hope I won’t cop shit for it. But if I do, I do. I’m strong enough to cope.


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