If you don’t care about politics, you don’t care about anything

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Education, Politics

A year ago, if you told me that in a year I’d be blogging about politics (among other things) I’d’ve looked at you as though you were an alien from outer space. Me? Don’t you mean some *other* JKBC? B-b-but…

Partly, that’s because a year ago the internet was still merely an acquaintance for me. But mostly, it would have been because I wasn’t interested in politics.

I still find politics pretty boring, in its pure form. But unlike then, I care. Boring, inaccessible as it is, politics matters to every single one of us. If you don’t care about politics, you don’t care about anything. Because politics is everything. It’s our children and our schools, it’s our healthcare and our roads, it’s our justice and our jobs, it’s our money and our world, it’s our options and our likes, it’s our culture and our lives. And if you don’t care about that, you care about nothing.

It’s true; often politics is a matter of ‘I-suppose-they’re-the-best-there-is’ rather than ‘these-folks-are-good’. But that doesn’t give us an excuse for not being political. It gives us a reason to be political. Every one of us matters; every one of us needs to help to get the best of a bad lot in, and then lean on them so that they become good. Yep, we need to lean on our political parties. We need to talk about politics, to read about politics, to write about politics; to be conscious that everything we do is part of politics.

Get political, comrades. It’s our only hope. It’s horrendous to think that this bunch of people are in charge of everything – but we need to face the facts, and we need to fight to make the bunches of powerful people the best people there are, doing the best they can for the best causes.

Even now, after an election in which even non-voting-aged people got political, still a whole table of students can manage only six points on the politics of the UK today.


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