Science & religion

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Religion, Science
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Following the publication of Steven Hawking’s The Grand Design, the debate of God vs Science has come up again (for the millionth or so time).

I’m an atheist. Just to get that out there. I cannot believe in a God. I find many religious teachings problematic. I find evangelicism extremely problematic. But I don’t have a problem with religious people. As long as they respect my beliefs, I will respect theirs.

But I also don’t have much room in my worldview for evangelical atheism. Forcing your beliefs on others is wrong. If people want to believe in a God, that’s fine. As long as they don’t take that as permission to hurt others or repress facts and knowledge or a variety of other sins religion has been guilty of in the past. Science has proof to support it; we have not proven all, but we have, I think, proven enough.

The proof of science, however, is not the disproof of religion. If people want to believe, they can and will, no matter the circumstances. There is no need for a God; that is true. But I have no problem with people wanting one.

Individuals may say; I deny Science or I deny Religion. But they must not be offended when others choose not to. It is fine to state your views, even to argue for them in the context of a measured, respectful discussion between equals. But to be unable to agree to differ – that is the source of the Science vs Religion argument. And there need be no argument, if we could only respect each others’ beliefs


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