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Posted: September 5, 2010 in Gender, Pop Culture, Sexism
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Going to see a film, for a chronically early person like me, means sitting through a series of ads at the start. And that causes pain

Honestly, the Diet Coke ad that’s being used at the moment is appalling. Women as puppets that dance for lower-calorie drink and are easily distracted, the actual look of the puppets and targeting women for the ‘diet’ drink… urgh.

And then the one that came after it – I have zilch idea what it was advertising (too busy cringing… I will look next time I see it), but it managed to insult both women and men in approximately a minute. First it shows three women being shown, by another woman who may have been service personnel and had an accent (idea of immigrants as servants?), a walk-in wardrobe with clothes already in it. The door opens and the women start screaming and jumping up and down. I mutter to my friend ‘THIS AD INSULTS WOMEN!’ Then roaring is heard and the scene cuts to another walk-in area, this time a walk-in beer fridge. There are three men jumping up and down and screaming in there. I mutter to my friend, ‘THIS AD INSULTS MEN! Damn, I’m glad I’m non-binary. I don’t get insulted!’ It’s the essence of gender stereotyping in a minute or so, and manages to insult most of the population… while simultaneously selling something to them.

Oh, how I wish one could take a pen to video ads and write across them in capitals, ‘THIS AD INSULTS HUMANS!’

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