Just been reading a summary of the Labour leadership candidates. They’ve all got stuff going for them – but we all know what happens in the run-up to elections. We remember that from last spring. (Cutting greenhouse gas emissions significantly? Hmep hmep.) Politicians say what they think they need to to get into power. Maybe not all of the Labour candidates are doing this – but I’d be surprised if none of them were.

As far as I can see, the main thing wrong with politics is that it’s so short-term. Things don’t seem to be thought of beyond the time-scale of a single term of office. Quick, short-term solutions – like selling gold and fishing rights – are no substitute for deep, meaningful, long-term change. And the people in charge of effecting it seem to be saying, ‘not my headache!’ about the time after they’re out and their policies begin to bite.

And what sickens me is, after they’ve fucked up the country they can sell record-breaking amounts by telling lies about how bad they did it.


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