The bleeding

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Finance, Politics, World in decline
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They cut and they cut and they cut. They cut jobs. They cut services. They cut funding. Then they demand more from us. Tax goes up. We are asked to run our own communities when many of us can barely run our own lives. They find ways of getting more money from us. They say there’s been a hitch in the tax process and we owe them. They ask for donations. They ask for membership fees.

And we bleed, and we bleed, and we bleed. And we pay, and we pay, and we pay.

The heads of the corporations exploit their workers and enjoy the money pouring in, from us and from the Government who have taken our money. They get more power, and power is money.

The politicians look at the problems. They can see us bleed, and they cut us some more and drink it up. If they felt what we feel, they would whine and kick up a stink. But because they have the power, they gorge themselves on our money and think that it’s their right. Sometimes it seems they don’t even notice they’re doing it; it seems it never occurs to them that there is no need for them to drain us.

Dracula, your reign of terror is done. Call back your children, for the new demons have risen.


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