Real/fake – just another goddamn binary

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Bodies, Gender, Pop Culture
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I really, really hate the term ‘real women.’ How do you become a ‘fake’ woman? Answer; you can’t. If you’re a woman, you’re a real woman because you exist. No matter what surgeries or cosmetics or whatever have gone into your appearance, if you’re a woman you’re a real woman.

What is a fake woman? Clue – Elizabeth Bennet is a fake woman. So are Professor Trelawny, Jane Eyre, Miss Marple, Bella Swan and Juliet Capulet (spot the really sucky series!) Fake women are those who aren’t real, those who are on screen or in the pages of a book or on a stage. Who have been created by a writer. Any woman who exists in real life cannot be a fake woman.

So I wish people would stop calling models who aren’t incredibly skinny, ‘real women,’ because that implies that the incredibly thin ones are fake women. And, since they are women and they exist (they aren’t actually coathangers that get shoved into the wardrobe between fashion shows, you know), they cannot be fake women.

In unrelated news, I really hate binary thinking. ‘Ladies here, guys here’ – excuse me comrade, what about me?


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