About bloody time

Posted: September 11, 2010 in America, Politics, Sex & Sexuality, Sexuality
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Well, there’s some good news from America. Can’t say I’ve been keeping up with the news, but I have heard that DADT has been ruled unconstitutional (a few days later, but there we go).

And about time too. How can a sexual preference affect a person’s ability to serve in the military? (hint: it can’t.) How can a sexual preference affect loyalty, strength, dedication, courage? (hint: it can’t.) Anybody saying otherwise is trading in stereotypes. If a person has served their country well, finding out that they happen to be attracted to the same sex doesn’t undo that. Sure, not everyone would do well in the military – gay or straight or anything else, though. The qualities that would make a good or bad member of the Armed Forces are unconnected to sexual orientation.

(I don’t know what Armed Forces policy on trans people is, either here or in America; that’s why I haven’t spoken about it.)


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