Year two play-doh

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Bodies, Gender
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Walking past the Ann Summers shop in the local city centre, I noticed the dummies in the window. Oh dear. It looked like someone had broken all Barbie’s ribs and squeezed her torso inwards and then sheared the front off. The hips were a realistic sort of width, then the waist looked like it was about 15cm and the torso sloped upwards from that. Horrendous. Is that really how they think women are shaped?

My friend is fond of remarking how Jane Norman makes its clothes for Barbies rather than women, but those were ridiculous. I thought someone had set the year two Play-Doh to make the mannequins for a while.

  1. Pieface says:

    Sick of me yet? 😀

  2. Pieface says:

    I’m just that awesome… and this blog is interesting.
    Is there an easy way to check for replies to comments?

  3. JKBC says:

    There should be a little thingy at the bottom of the ‘leave reply’ box that says notify me of site updates. Or get the email subscription!

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