A curse on the noticeboard!

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Gender, Personal, Relationships, Religion, Sex & Sexuality, Sexuality
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Sometimes someone says something that really floors me. We were talking about colours, me, a couple of friends and a couple of people I didn’t know very well, and someone started talking about ‘the gay colour.’ I’m sitting there internally laughing and rummaging in my bag for colours to illustrate a load of queer flags.

Then one of the people I don’t know well says, ‘It’d better not be purple.’ Another says, ‘Why not?’ ‘Because purple’s my favourite colour.’ I say, ‘What’s wrong with being gay?’ This other person replies, ‘I’m a real homophobe.’

Silence. I can’t think of any suitable response other than blasting her out of the water.

Someone else says, ‘She’s really religious,’ apologetically.

I’m just pulling myself together to say something when a noticeboard falls off the wall and only quickly holding my hand up saves me and someone else from getting brained. Moment gone.

Sadly, that was someone I was prepared to like; she’d been quite friendly to me. But in one word any respect I had for her was gone. I hate being new, because it lets people spring shit like that on you.

  1. Guh.

    Let’s see, what color *isn’t* a queer color? Obviously we’ve got all the ROY G. BIV covered, and the asexuals’ve got black, white, and gray… The trans flag adds baby blue and baby pink, the pansexual flag adds fuschia and cyan, the bi flag has yet more shades of blue/pink/purple… so that leaves, what, brown? Oh wait, the bears have that covered.

    I guess the straight people can have that weird putty color that computers always used to be back in the 80s and 90s. We don’t want it anyway *grin*

  2. […] yonks ago, this happened. This girl, who states openly that she is a homophobe, is in my psychology class. I keep getting […]

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