The grey, wet winter

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Finance, Lib Dems, Politics, World in decline
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The public sector unions are starting to consider the fightback against the massive cuts instigated by the coalition, with fury and powerful words. Will they get anywhere? I hope so. This situation in – I think it’s Birmingham – where workers have to accept pay and other cuts or get sacked is plain straight-forward exploitation, and it will spread. The government employs tax avoiders, implicitly condoning their actions. Working people, ordinary people, aren’t the ones that got the country into this mess, so why are ordinary people taking the hit for those who did?

The union leadership, however, seems to be very white and male dominated. Why? When women and non-white people are often employed in the public sector, who’s speaking for them?

I don’t see how we can say that there’s even a semblance of fairness in this system anymore.

Hooray for a grey, wet winter. The cuts will bite with the cold, and scraps of our broken dreams and lives will mingle with the sleet in the gutter, washed down the leaf-blocked drains. And we don’t know whether the delicate green buds of spring will ever reappear.


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