It matters.

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Bodies, Finance, Politics, Sex & Sexuality
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Trigger warning for discussion of rape.

And they say we don’t live in a fucking rape culture.

A watchdog looking into the handling of rape cases in the UK is being ‘shelved’ to cut costs. We already have an incredibly, outrageously low rape conviction rate, and this could possibly have improved it. I can’t say I’d heard of it, but having our system looked at can only be a good thing. (improving it would be even better, though…)

This is just another indication that our leaders really don’t seem to care about us. It’s a clear ‘fuck you’ to victims and those at risk, and it places rape conviction a long way down the list of priorities – below employing tax avoiders, below the London Olympics. That sends out a message – ‘rape doesn’t matter. We don’t care about it.’ Well, it does fucking matter. According to a recent British Crime survey, 1 in 24 women over 16 will suffer a rape or attempted rape over their lifetime. That doesn’t take into account male victims or child victims. So yeah, this is kind of a serious problem.

I just wish that some of the privileged buffoons folks in charge of everything would wake up and smell the blood.


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