Posted: September 18, 2010 in Finance, Religion
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There was a quiz in a newspaper yesterday I think – what type of atheist are you? And one of the questions was, ‘Are you angry about the Pope’s visit to the UK?’ I answered yes, and everyone (agnostic atheists all) was surprised.

So why am I angry about the Pope visiting the UK? It’s not because I don’t think religious leaders should come over; I know that a large portion of British people are religious, and I’m fine with their leaders coming here. I have no problem with religion for other people; if it’s a positive force in zans life and it’s not hurting anyone else, I’ll support zans right to believe what ze wants.

However, the Pope is not someone I want our government to be spending money on. The Vatican condemns homosexuality. It places ordaining women in the same category of wrongness as paedophilia. It won’t condone condoms when they could save lives. Nothing significant has been done about the child abuse thing.

That’s harm, that’s damage.

I’m sorry for all the Catholics who don’t believe this stuff, though.


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