Wrexham disunited

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Racism, Religion
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I hear that in Wrexham, the Muslim community is looking to take over an old Miner’s Institute as a community centre and mosque, and that a lot of the white (Christian? They didn’t say on the news broadcast) community are up in arms about it, talking about it erasing a piece of the town’s history. The Muslim leaders are planning to use a room as a sort of mining museum, to keep the link with the town’s mining past.

The Muslim community in Wrexham have a history going back generations. They are a part of the town’s history. And the Miner’s Institute has been standing empty for two years, while the Muslim community has never had a community centre. At times, they have prayed in temporary cabins (I do lessons in them, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be praying in one).

It’s xenophobia/racism, plain and simple. I really hate this kind of scenario; there is no logical reason to object to a Muslim community centre in a mouldering building that evidently, no-one else wants. So I’m glad to hear that the Muslim community are saying that they will not let the objections stop them.

  1. coffined says:

    Logic is not a part of Christian Supermacists mentality. But if more people such as yourself speak out, the intolerance and hate against Muslims will cease. There is hope.

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