All GCSEs are not created equal..?

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Education, Science
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The educational establishment is screwed and I have the links to prove it. How many people out there think that a GCSE is a GCSE is a GCSE? It’s not. Trust me, it’s not. I would write about A-levels as well but I can’t find that data. (EDIT- my friend tells me the AQA A-levels are OK. I haven’t checked yet, though)

These two links are a chemistry  past paper and its answer format sheet from AQA. This one is a chemistry  past paper from OCR. I don’t really think I need to spell out the difference.

If you’ve done AQA papers, don’t worry. No-one can blame you, since pupils never get a choice in what exam board they do. It’s an utter failure on the part of the system. And it’s scary. It’s very very scary. I think some schools use their choices of exam boards to make them look better on league tables and so on – because if you’re entering your pupils for the AQA one, more of them are going to pass. And that is even more frightening.

Because there’s nothing the pupils can do about it.

We need change. There has to be a complete overhaul in the way exams are concocted. This is wrong.

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  2. Pieface says:

    Grrr and AQA is the biggest out of all the exam boards

  3. JKBC says:

    Yep. Did you look at the past papers?

  4. Pieface says:

    Yeah. ¬¬

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