Transphobia starts early…

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Bodies, Damned binaries, Education, Gender
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Truly a WTF moment. This sort of thing utterly, utterly disgusts me.

And to those who say transphobic attitudes around them don’t make a difference to children’s outlooks, I say bollocks. I have had the words, ‘DYKE,’ ‘FAG,’ and ‘TRANNY,’ (yes, all three – people can’t make their minds up) called at me insultingly by children as young as six. That’s a tragedy. Not for me – I’m big enough and ugly enough not to care for too long –  but for them. Pity their non-cis, non-straight peers. Pity their non-cis, non-straight children. Siblings. Partners. Acquaintances. This is where hatred, fear, abuse and violence come from, and it’s not a little problem.


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