The Other in the room

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Bodies, Gender, Politics, Racism, Religion, Sex & Sexuality, Sexuality
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A lot of people seem to assume that the Other they talk about is nothing to do with them. They don’t think that maybe they’re talking to the Other. Someone who comes from the country being discussed as a strange, even barbaric curiosity. Someone who isn’t cis. Someone who isn’t straight. Someone who was raped. Someone who has the condition. Someone who identifies with the view. Someone who has experienced something the speaker hasn’t.

Well, the Other is among you. The person you tell that you are a homophobe today might be meeting their same-sex lover tomorrow. The person you tell about your theory of PTSD today might be seeing their therapist tomorrow. The person you ridicule a position to today might be marching for it tomorrow. The person you tell about the barbaric ways in a country today might be flying out to see their grandparents tomorrow. The person you lecture about the evils of transsexuality today might be going under the knife tomorrow.

There is no Other. There is only Us. Humanity. And we’re here. We’re among you. We are you.


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