Posted: September 22, 2010 in Education, Finance, Politics
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Stop calling the possible increase in university fees a ‘graduate contribution,’ Government. It’s bullshit. It’s just higher fees. Tell it like it is.

I know, I know, that might reduce the possibility of support. Because if you call it something like ‘contribution,’ you make it sound nice and friendly, like everyone chipping in for the petrol money on a day out. Whereas a ‘fee’ is plain and simple – you pay. Full stop.

There’s a lot of this bullshitting around wording. Euphemising things. And it changes people’s perceptions of things, makes them seem less important; ‘global warming,’ sounds pretty scary, but ‘climate change,’ makes it seem smaller scale, possibly natural, less threatening. Less urgent. Substituting the word ‘sex’ for ‘rape’ makes it seem less unacceptable, less awful and inexcusable and helps justify rape culture. Calling anti-abortion positions pro-life makes them seem benevolent and decent, as well as trying to force opponents into an uncomfortable position (which failed). There’s a number of euphemisms for tax evasion for those with the money and power – and plain downright cheek – to use them.

Euphemism is damaging all the way – even down to euphemising body parts. Euphemising body parts beyond a certain age creates an atmosphere of shame around the whole area. And it’s a funny world where I can say cunt or cock very loudly and incur no censure (if I pick my environment), but if I say penis or vagina or clitoris or whatever everyone goes, EWW! STOP IT!! And yes, I use all of those words unashamedly. As well as all the rest of the anatomically correct terms.

But back to the FEES. Stop fucking bullshitting. The world stinks enough, don’t make it worse.


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