I did not think people could say this anymore.

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Education, Racism, World in decline
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Trigger warning for racism.

Today, I have bad news.

My friend took a subject that I didn’t. This is her report, but I believe her. She doesn’t make stuff up.

Some of you probably know of the program, ‘Super Sweet Sixteen.’ I have, unfortunately, seen some of it (thanks, C! Fuck you!) and hated it, but the conversation started from a discussion of that. And no, don’t ask me why they were discussing awful TV shows in an educational setting, but I doubt that conversation was educational. I know that prior to this, they were discussing a translation of Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream,’ speech.

One of them said something along the lines of ‘It’s awful to see the black kids being so spoilt, when you look what they came from.’ There was no outcry. I didn’t ask whether my friend said anything – knowing her, she probably did but wasn’t heard/listened to.

The conversation moved to people of colour in Britain, and someone said something like, ‘they shouldn’t be here, it’s our country.’ Again, there was no outcry. My friend couldn’t tell me much more; I think she was a bit paralysed with the shock that people actually say this shit and don’t get condemned.

I have seen people argue that we live in a post-racist society (not post-racial, post-racist) because it was no longer socially acceptable to be racist. This, unfortunately, proves them wrong. Damn, I wish they were right – but evidently, they’re not.

I wish I had been there. I would’ve condemned them. And I wish I knew them. Knew who to condemn, who to give the cold shoulder to, who to report. Being new is horrible.

In more very sad news, six men in Northumbria have been arrested for burning a Koran and posting it on YouTube. During all the fuss over the American pastor who planned to burn a Koran on 9/11, I was thinking, I’m so glad I don’t live in America. And then it happens here. All I can say is, I’m very, very sorry for the actions of those who are citizens of the country I am a citizen of. I wish I could say with conviction that they were only a part of a tiny, statistically insignificant renegade minority, members of an extremist group whose views are not those of the country they live in. After my friend’s report, I’m not so sure.

Britain, in some ways I am very glad to be one of your children. But today, I find myself shocked by the actions of my siblings, your children.


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