Gender norms in ads

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Gender, Pop Culture
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I’m not quite sure what point this ad is trying to make, but it sure as hell doesn’t include anyone who isn’t a stereotypical man. I’ve only seen it during rugby ad breaks, and rugby support is pretty gendered (although it’s assumed, where I live, that everyone of every gender drops everything to watch the national team – which is not an entirely incorrect assumption) so maybe they think that it’s not going to make much difference – or maybe they just didn’t think. More likely the latter. There is a nod to racial diversity, which I suppose makes it less of a disaster, but not much less. How hard would it be to include a couple of strong women pulling their weight?

Oh I forgot. Girls ‘aren’t physically strong’. That’s non-gender-normative behaviour, and god forbid it gets on our screens.

And there’s no such things as ‘girly,’ or ‘manly,’ drinks either. So that’s no excuse.


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