Posted: September 27, 2010 in Gender, Personal, Relationships
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I get taken for a man or a woman at various points. I got a loud, ‘Oh my God look at his hair!’ earlier, and a ‘thanks girls’ about ten minutes later.

But what I’m noticing is, in introductions (which there are a lot of at the moment), my friends (and family) seem to be over-emphasising my assigned gender. I don’t know whether I’m just more sensitive or whether they really are overcompensating for my non-gender-normative appearance, but it’s something I seem to be noticing. They emphasise the gendered pronouns. Sometimes they ‘let slip’ my old name in a semi-deliberate way. They use gendered terms to describe me to others.

If this really isn’t a figment of my imagination, I wish they’d stop. I hope they don’t mean to, that it’s just an unconscious thing. Because the alternative is not something I want to think about. I try not to be too sensitive, but I wonder whether it’s wise.


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