A policy can damage. I’m not targeting any particular policy right now – although some of what I’m saying concerns education – but we can all think of our own examples.

Running a country is not an experiment. You can’t just go back and start over. You fuck up, you’ve fucked up irreparably. We saw it in Thatcherite Britain, as working hearts were ripped out. We saw it when the decision was made to invade Iraq. We’ve seen it again and again.

As ‘austerity measures’ and cuts begin to bite, who will they bite the most? Not those who’ve already got their start in life, who started yesterday and will still be around tomorrow. Not tomorrow’s starters so much, especially not the ones born to yesterday’s starters who started well. No. Today’s starters. We’re in the sixth forms and the colleges and the secondary schools. We’re in the universities and the enforced gap year. We’re in the shitty housing, doing the low-paid jobs. Many of us don’t have jobs. Aren’t in education. Can’t afford university.

Some of us aren’t yet old enough to vote. Some of us are. Some of us haven’t woken up and smelled the poison yet; many have. Some of us don’t need to care. They’re on the right side of the class divide, and maybe they don’t see our problem. More of us are looking on as the measures unfold around us saying, ‘This is gonna fuck me right up.’

And we’re right. It is us that’re gonna be fucked up. Us, and the children born from the waste of our lives. Us, and the country that birthed us.

We’re not expendable. It doesn’t matter if there’ll always be another person along. That other person will be a different person, and another brain, another set of talents, another part of the vast diversity of human manifestation will be lost.


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