The Other in the Room II

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Gender, Personal, Sexuality
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Trigger warning for homophobia.

Talk about bloody stereotypical views and bigotry. ‘I don’t mind gay men, they’re funny, but I hate lesbians.’ Said in front of a group of twenty-ish, many of whom don’t really know each other – who knows who’s in the fucking class? Reason for hating lesbians – them kissing in public. Bloody fuck. Any fucking progress at all in the last fifty-odd years?

Classic case of the Other in the Room.

No-one should ever presume that, in a group of twenty-odd, everyone is straight. (well, any group I’m in, everyone isn’t – but I wouldn’t assume that everyone barring me is straight even).

Same person as has previously said, ‘I hate feminists.’ Again, any progress in the last fifty years?

No knowing what will happen when we inevitably get onto trans issues.

So annoying that I can never formulate a response in time.


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