Lisa Robinson 1, Patriarchy 0

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Gender, Sexism
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Trigger warning for sexual harassment.

Another BBC article; this time, a woman stops a train after being subjected to sexist abuse, having asked drunken Cardiff City fans to stop abusing another woman (more  here). I dislike the emphasis on her being a mother in the two articles – isn’t it enough that she is a person, a human being who does not deserve any kind of abuse? Yes, it is significant that she was with her son, but that doesn’t need to be a primary identifying factor. Anyway.

I admire her courage. First to ask the fans to stop abusing the first woman. Too many people stand and do nothing. Second to pull the red cord to stop the train the first time, after which she received only indifference and utter disrespect from the driver, who refused to listen to her concerns, in fact directly ignoring a request to call the police. Thirdly, to step onto the tracks in the station.

It is utterly wrong that people are being subjected to this kind of abuse. She is right that, ‘too often these yobs are allowed to get away with it.’ There is no excuse for that sort of behaviour. Not drunkenness, not a sports win, not anything. It’s another part of this culture that seems to believe that women (well, all non-men) are acceptable targets for abuse. Which is wrong, wrong, wrong.


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