Word limits

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Bodies, Gender, Personal, Relationships
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Slowly, I am spreading my wings as the person who speaks up. Slowly, I am learning to contest people using the ‘that’s gay,’ phrase, and a bunch of others. And I’ve found the utter limit.

Someone used the word ‘tranny’ to my face today (it wasn’t directed at me; he said, ‘I wonder what they’d say if I wore a kilt,’ and I said, ‘if it was black, they couldn’t touch you,’ and he said, ‘yeah, but then I’d look like a tranny.’) There was an awkward silence, into which I said, ‘Never. Use. That. Word.’

One of my friends backed me up, another seemed to think it was a joke – she won’t, when she uses it to try to wind me up (which will happen) and I give her hell over it -, the guy who’d said it apologised and everyone else said, ‘Okay.’ I’m not sure whether that outed me to anyone who was there who didn’t know I’m not cis – probably – but it made me feel a bit better. At least now I know that that’s one word I won’t tolerate being said in front of me. And that’ll give me confidence for next time.


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