Real, live human beings

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Finance, Health, Lib Dems, Politics
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I’m really, really dubious about this cutting of incapacity benefit. The Government are aiming to get more people currently on incapacity benefit into work by putting them on jobseeker’s allowance instead. Now, I think that meaningful work is a good thing for people. But.

In the current economic situation, there’s very little in the way of jobs to be had. There may be penalties imposed on those who fail to find work, as well (I’m pretty sure that’s what I read – the paper’s currently occupied, which is annoying – will update if I remember). How, then, is this in any way fair?

All of this sudden, clustered cutting is making me really nervous. I agree, the country’s finances are in a bit of a bad way… but surely we should not be trying to solve that at the expense of real, live human beings?


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