Cycle of class division (educational-style)

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Education, Finance, Lib Dems, Politics
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No fee cap, just a levy on fees above £600. I suppose… well, it could have been worse. (this is about the Browne report that will probably inform Government policy.)

That doesn’t make it right. The fact that the prestigious universities could charge these huge fees – up to £1200 is talked of in the review – while the ‘lesser’ ones would probably go bust due to a lack of students if they did, could lead straight to class segregation in education. I’ll do a nice little diagram in two columns if I can make do it… (very messy, but oh well – it gets my point across…)

PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITIES                                      THE REST

Charge lots of money                                                    Can’t charge too much

Rich students go there                                                 Everyone else goes

Higher fees = more funding                                       Lower fees = less funding

More funds = better facilities                                   Less funds = worse facilities

Students get good degrees                                         Students get less good degrees

University becomes more prestigious                 University becomes less prestigious

More prestige = can charge more                          Less prestige = can’t charge as much

And the cycle begins again! Is that what they want? (They’re Tories, I suppose…) Decreased social mobility, less available brilliant minds, less available well-educated folks, less people with the qualifications to get the higher-paid jobs…

Not everything is made good by competition. Market forces aren’t actually a very good indicator of the most beneficial thing to do.

The people who will be affected by this aren’t the politicians making the rules, or the huge network of university administrators hiking their pay-cheque up a mile or two – it will be the people on the front lines. The professors. Most of all, the students. The students who didn’t get the country and the education system into this mess to start with. The students who are trying to start their lives. The students who will, one day, be the ones in charge. And the prospective students who will be denied their chance by these appalling changes.

*    *    *

In utterly unrelated news, The Times ran a story about asexuality today. It’s good to see asexual visibility increasing, and eventually hopefully it will leave the DSM and be considered a perfectly valid way of being.


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