Posted: October 12, 2010 in America, Music, Religion, Sexuality
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Well done, Ozz. Westboro Baptist Church do not deserve to misuse music for their despicable cause. Crazy Train is a great piece of music – with a political message – and it is wrong that WBC decided to use it without permission for the purpose of hate.

And, get this – some of the lines of the original lyrics is maybe / it’s not too late / to learn how to love / and forget how to hate. A message of love and acceptance – how the hell did they think it was appropriate to pair it with made-up lines like you’re going straight to hell on your crazy train? And just how deluded are they, to think it’s appropriate to any of their causes?

Blast them out of the fucking water, Ozzy, please. You are in the right.

(thanks to Shakesville for alerting me)


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