Short-term vs long-term II

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Finance, Lib Dems, Politics, World in decline
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1 million jobs are being put at risk by the cuts, and still the population’s support system is being cut at the same time. And it is massively worrying for all of the people being shunted from incapacity benefit to jobseeker’s allowance. Scratch that. It’s massively worrying for every single bloody one of us. Yes, we’ve got a problem. Yes, it needs to be tackled. But this is short-term thinking, and society is a long-term creature. Too often, those in power look to take the short route out rather than considering what will be the best overall, in the long run.

And, as I keep on saying, we are a nation of people. Human beings. Not a nation of banks. The priority should be the people.


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