Posted: October 15, 2010 in America, Law, Politics, Sexuality
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Blathering on about needing time and training and preparation may be a useful thing to do in some cases. However, in the case of DADT? Hmm. This stinks of stalling tactics. (Unpopular with homophobes, of whom there appear to be a surprisingly large amount in America, and an election coming up? Hmm.)

For fuck’s sake. Gay servicepeople aren’t suddenly going to start running around half-naked with rainbow flags in the middle of a warzone as soon as it’s repealed. They’re not going to start leaping on each other and having sex in inappropriate circumstances. They’re perfectly capable of controlling themselves. The only problem I can see is that homophobes in the military would have to confront their prejudices. Oh noes!

I do, however, fully admit that I 1. know very little about the military and 2. know very little about America. But.


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