Objectification, awareness and a lack of action

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Bodies, Gender, Health, Internet
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I’m so damn glad I’m not on facebook. That means that I don’t have to see that stupid breast cancer meme – I like it on the floor/sideboard/table… – referring, of course, to wherever women put their purse. And apparently they’re not supposed to tell non-women what it means. Facepalm.

1. An awareness-raising meme cannot work if people don’t know what it’s raising awareness of.

2. Why are people just raising awareness? Shouldn’t we now be looking to take action?

3. Why are people raising awareness through objectification? Breasts are one of the most fetishised body parts, and it seems that everything meant to ‘raise awareness’ of breast cancer objectifies people with breasts.

4. And can’t non-women get breast cancer too? Don’t we need to know as well? Men get it. Agender folks get it. Non-binary gendered folks get it. Any human being can get it. There’s a correlation between a family history of breast cancer and the likelihood of getting prostate cancer. It’s not just a woman’s problem. The pinkification, feminisation of these campaigns erases some people, alienates others and utterly misses others who need to know.


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