Posted: October 18, 2010 in Finance, Personal, Politics
A rumble; can you hear it?
There – beneath the whispering empty sighs
Of manufactured consumerism;
There – underpinned
By the beat and rhythm of the threads
In life’s tapestry being pulled away.
A rumble; can you feel it?
There – beneath the atrophied flesh
Of our sheep-like apathy;
There – in our bones
Shaking our faith and shaping our view
Of this drain-bound river we sail.
A rumble; can you see it?
There – the fabric of our little, short lives
Shaking and blurring, transparent at last;
There – the cracks in this plastic mask
Welded upon our face to hide
The fear and the hatred of those who betrayed.
A rumble –
Will you join it?
Voices raised, voices, voices;
The voices of the dispossessed,
The voices of the crowd,
The voices of the lost, oppressed,
The voices burning loud.
Voices, voices;
A chorus, a thunderstorm,
A wavecrest, an orchestra.
A scream for mercy,
Demand for truth,
A cry for reason,
A shout for proof.
This ought to be, needs to be;
The earthquake is building
But will we ever succeed?


By JKBC. (I rather like this one; I’ve been considering putting up poetry on here for a while. It’s a bit of a departure from what I normally write, but hey why not?)


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