Ouch! 490,000 public sector jobs, down the drain.

Also, schools in England get a better deal than those in the rest of the UK. Thanks, Government. Try an atlas next time.

It’s a good thing that banks are having to contribute something. Even if normal people are basically contributing more.

I love the way they give more money to railways while raising train fares.

Political bullshit amuses me; it’s laugh or cry, really.

Saw an article today that said that we, the ordinary people, were more to blame for the bust than bankers and politicians and the like. Bullshit. We were just trying to live our lives. Some were greedy, but then some always are. However, we had far less to be greedy with than them.

I don’t really get this economic stuff… It will have an impact, though, which is why I still try.


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