The politicians are not our friends (link is merely some standout points from the SR). Especially not this Tory bunch. What can this group of sheltered, rich, upper-class folks know about realities for most of the country? They won’t feel the draining sense of despair for their future that so many of the young are feeling now – rates of youth unemployment are rising already – because they’ve established themselves in life. They won’t experience the hardship of trying to find somewhere to live and something to eat as prices rise and jobs fall and benefits are capped. They won’t have the uncertainty of wondering if they’ll have a job next financial year, and the knowledge that they will be punished for failing to get another job.

How can they ignore the institutionalised inequality in our society, and pretend that what they’re doing is fair when it will make the system worse? How can they claim not to be attacking the struggle for equality when their measures will etch division even deeper into our society?

We’re all still lying at the bottom of the cliff. Slowly, we’re beginning to weigh up the damage as the tide comes in. And soon it will lap at our feet; it remains to be seen whether we can get up and move further up the beach.


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