Shame on that Ugandan paper

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Gender, Law, Sexuality, World in decline
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I’ve been seeing quite a bit of the coverage of this, which is a horrendous situation; gay folks in Uganda got outed by a newspaper and are now being attacked.

It makes one realise – things happen, and sometimes I think I’ve got it bad – but I’m not afraid to be out, I’m not living in a country where the fabric of my being is illegal. Sure, I’m living in a country that doesn’t acknowledge I exist, but better that than one that wants me dead.

To the newspaper involved – shame on you. Gay folks aren’t any different to anyone else. And for all this about homosexuality being ‘unAfrican’ – seriously, we (Europeans) brought you homophobia. It’s homophobia that’s unAfrican. Condemn homophobia, not homosexuality; homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. And once more, newspaper, shame on you. You are inciting violence towards human beings.

To the folks outed – there is little I can say. The atrocity that has been committed against you is appalling. I am sorry. Try to be strong, and know that it is their homophobia rather than your homosexuality that is causing this atrocity.

  1. Pieface says:

    That’s fucking disgusting.

  2. JKBC says:

    Yeah. And the Americans whose homophobic bullshit has helped them justify it are denying it to the hilt. The world’s in a mess.

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