Medley of news

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Education, Finance, Politics, Racism, Sexism
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A bit of mixed news ranting, that I really don’t think is sufficient to separate out into different posts.

The definitions of antisocial behaviour here are a bit… off, to say the least. The parish priest quoted says that the ban on ‘revealing clothing’ is a way of combatting sexual harassment. I have news for you, comrade. You don’t combat sexual harassment by policing people’s choice of clothing. You combat it by changing social attitudes – but yeah, that’s a far bigger task, and I forgot that would mean examining your own male privilege, didn’t I? People will get harassed no matter what they’re wearing. Also, sandcastles are antisocial behaviour? Holy crap, what’s next? Eating ice-creams? News for you – kids like sandcastles. If they can’t build them, they’ll cause hell on the holiday for their parents and that’s one family, and social circle, that won’t be going back. Also, on the Mediterranean, there isn’t much wet sand for kids to build them on, so there’s not much sandcastle-building going on anyway. I’ve always had trouble in Cyprus.

Gah, that makes me remember my Dad’s sandcars in the cold, wet sand of the local beach. Ah well.

On the cover of the Times? Ah, the EDL. Where right-wing extremism and football hooliganism meet. They’re right that there’s an undercurrent of anger beneath the surface of British society. However, that anger must not be perverted by xenophobic shits like them. Today’s anger is justified (hence the blog title) because we have been pretty damn screwed – but it’s not Islam that’s doing it. It’s not folks who are different. The causes of ordinary people’s problems have zilch to do with Muslims – hell, they share those problems, and often get it worse because of organisations like this. The EDL are an utterly despicable group, and the problem is they appeal to folks who don’t understand what they’re angry about. It’s so easy to seize unfocussed anger and channel it into xenophobic extremism – it’s happened since time immemorial. And they say they’re not racist – hahaha very fucking NOT FUCKING FUNNY! News for you, EDL – nothing gets better through hatred and fear. Nothing.

Aaand the last little bit is back to the university fees debate. It seems that unlimited fees have been scratched from the equation. But we’re not out of the woods yet. (Well, I think the woods are pretty permanent – I just want to be able to see the path, ie what I’m contending with.)


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