Who voted? Who didn’t? Who voted Lib Dem, little knowing they were going to throw their lot in with the Tories? Who voted Tory?

We don’t know. That’s the essence of a secret ballot vote, a thing that is vital for democracy.

But now, in this early winter, we’re sitting here wondering – who let them in? Who let them in, let them plonk themselves down and block us away from the fire? It can’t have been just the elite. There’s not enough of them to make a difference. So that means that some of those of us now shivering in the dark, cold wasteland beyond the hearth voted for them. Or perhaps, voted for a party that couldn’t challenge them.

There are problems with our democracy. The First Past the Post system ensures ‘majority government,’ which increases stability but not true representation. It turns most places into two-party states (yeah, I know we currently have three…) and means that voters tend to vote for the party or candidate with whom they disagree the least, to stop those that they really object to getting in. In reality, this means that a Government can reflect very little of the views of the populace.

That leads to political apathy. I hate them all, why should I damn well bother voting for any of the bastards? And then we get this situation, where people that the majority of voters didn’t want get in… and screw us. Is that really democracy?


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