Iran on a UN committee for women’s equality!?!?

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Gender, Politics, Sexism, Sexual violence
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Trigger warning for discussion of rape, war and sexual violence.

Apparently Iran looks set to get onto the UN Women body. As what, something to make the others feel better? Oh, at least we’re not using rape as a means of oppression and persecuting women for being women, we’re good then.

Another horrifying story has come to light; that of ‘Leyla’, who was kidnapped, beaten and raped (the details are horrific) because her fiancé, at the time in exile, had been involved in protests. Documents have been unearthed containing evidence that rape is often used as a weapon in prisons. The treatment of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and her supporters and family continues to outrage most of the world. There are other cases, many of them.

And yet somehow Iran is deemed fit to be on a board promoting women’s equality. And yet President Ahmadinejad is allowed to continue posturing around the world stage.

I do not advocate war because I am anti-war – and in Afghanistan, we saw what happened last time the West tried to go to war in defence of women’s rights (they did not communicate with women’s groups who knew the situation and how best to deal with it, instead just sending in the troops.)

The people of Iran do not deserve this regime. President Ahmedinejad needs to realise that his unapologetic disregard for human rights is unacceptable; needs to realise that these policies will damage his, and Iran’s, standing on the world stage.


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