Posted: October 30, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Finance, Health, Lib Dems, Politics, Relationships
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So far, this is only a consideration. There is an idea being floated that people could earn ‘care credits’ for volunteering to care for others. Apparently it’s already being done in Japan.

Eekonometer going up… What about the people who work long hours, or have all their time taken up jobseeking? What about people who work in care and who wouldn’t want to be doing it in their free time as well? What about those who physically, mentally or emotionally couldn’t do it? What of those judged unfit? I think volunteering could be valuable, but I dislike this kind of thing as an incentive. I agree with groups quoted in the article – care in old age should be a right in any civilised society, rather than a privilege, paid for out of taxes paid throughout the person’s life.

I hope this idea will hurriedly be pushed off the table. Although given this government’s track record of not thinking about the social costs of their decisions, the eekonometer hasn’t sunk back to normal levels of eek.

(Now then… should I start having systems for showing the reading on the eekonometer/bullshitometer at the start of posts..?)

  1. Pieface says:

    ‘the eekonometer hasn’t sunk back to normal levels of eek’
    ^Hehe! Eek! Eek sounds like such a happy noise…

  2. JKBC says:

    I know I occasionally use funny words… Don’t you agree though that feeling eeky is definitely justified?

  3. Pieface says:

    I’m divided on this, I agree that care should be a right not a privilege, but if the idea succeeds in providing more care for people who need it, then surely it can’t be too bad? In an ideal world, we shouldn’t have to resort to well, bribery, but if that’s what it’s going to take for something to be done…

  4. JKBC says:

    It’s not so much the ‘care for people who need it’ aspect – I think that we could do with more of a volunteering culture, and no-one can object to extra care – but it’s the ‘what happens when the people who don’t have time to volunteer need it’ aspect. Also, how well trained and consistent would these volunteers be? Erratic, ill-trained care is a bad, bad thing.

    We also have the exploitation aspect – it’s another part of this Government’s trying to cut expenditure – the Government makes loads of people redundant and then gets them back working for free as ‘volunteers’, although frankly I don’t think the word is appropriate if what is being done is providing a service that will be ‘paid for’ somewhere down the line. And there’s the problem that they’ve fed us the line about the economic climate being inevitable, when in fact there are alternatives and in fact it’s not us normos who got the country into this mess in the first place. Gaa long comment.

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