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Posted: November 3, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Education, Finance, Lib Dems, Politics
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Back to the old university fees hobby-horse, I’m afraid. Probably going up to £9000 a year, with £6000 as the ‘soft cap,’ after which universities will need to do ‘outreach’ to poorer students. Wonderful. Not.

So basically, us non-rich are going to become a ‘token’ group, with ‘quotas.’ Quotas, seriously, are not for people. Make things available to all people, then question why certain groups aren’t coming and try and see what you can do to change that. And all the old arguments I’ve been making, about changing the rules, will still apply – especially if there is a range of prices, people will be picking their course for cost rather than what they want to do, what would be the best course, which could effectively lead to class-segregated higher education. It will become an elitist system. And not an intellectual elite either.

Also, it’s not good to start people off in life with this huge amount of debts. It’s being said that it’s not fair to saddle the youth with National debt – but personal debt is fine – oh yeah, that’s because this is a pretty darn capitalist culture (not as bad as the US, thankfully) and personal debt then becomes the individual’s problem. And if you look at the job market, the outlook’s not good – so how many graduates aren’t going to be able to pay off their loans? And then what happens to the country that has lent them the money? Oh yeah, today’s politicians will be retired or dead by then. I forgot.

And since most of the teaching grants will be withdrawn, students won’t see a rise in quality of the degree courses.

What did we expect, with this lot of politicians? Increased capitalism suits rich folks like them… But there, I’m just a fairly intelligent, inconveniently non-well-off (who probably wouldn’t qualify for help for ‘disadvantaged’ folks) young person with the fixed idea that the job of a Government is to protect, serve and benefit its country’s citizens…

  1. Pieface says:

    Meh. The prices are just ridiculous especially with the rumoured tiny quantity of lecture hours that students actually receive. I see where the quote ‘buying a degree’ comes from

  2. JKBC says:

    Yeah. My cousin’s in our local university, which is where one of my parents went as well. My parent and cousin both did/do English courses. My parent had to get up early every morning, lectures every day – and my cousin has four hours of contact time a week (or did last year)! It’s insane. And my parent had a grant to go, while my cousin’s paying.

    It is buying a degree. There’s no sense of investing in the future, people’s own and society’s – it’s all just about the money, money, money – capitalism embodied. And education is not an appropriate place for capitalism.

    Gah I hate capitalism.

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