Violence (regrettable) & anger (justified)

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Education, Finance, Labour (who deserve the 'bloody' less than the Tories), Lib Dems, Politics
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So, anger has turned to violence.

Of course it bloody has! Because frankly, we are now seeing that nobody is listening. Remember the protests before the Iraq war? And we still went to war. Today, what is protest accomplishing? It is little heeded. The violence, while obviously regrettable (I can’t bring myself to care about damage to a Tory building, but people – protesters, police – being injured is bad), has at least shown the country that yes, this is a big fucking issue. We have no voice in the debate – only those who we elected to represent us and who have spat in our faces have a voice – but we will be heard. I wish I’d been there.

You break your promises. You break our dreams. You break our hearts. You break all the rules of human decency. And you’re fucking surprised we break a few windows?

Who have we got? The young, the disabled, the poor, the queer, the people of colour, the female, the unemployed, the exploited, the disaffected, the un-cared-for, the victims? The people who lie along multiple axis of oppression? What’s on our side? Nothing. Nobody.

The rich fight us and call it economics, policy. We say ow! and they call it silence. We fight back at last, and they call it vandalism.

Tuition fees are not the only injustice.

Violence is regrettable.

Anger is justified.


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