Quick post – eek

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Capitalism, Finance, Lib Dems, Politics, World in decline
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Unemployed parents – unclear as to whether this is mainly targeting lone parents, but it will certainly affect them – of young children to lose 20% of a £64 a week income support benefit if they fail to turn up for a single job interview? What the hell is this country? Even taking into account child benefits… eek…

Hello, multi-millionaires-in-Cabinet – we are talking children as young as one here. They are sick. Often unpredictably. They scream, they cry. They become ill. There is not always a devoted nanny to care for them. Come out of your fucking bubble.

You cut people’s life supports and put the price of living up. You don’t care – you’ll never have to worry, because your big money from screwing us in the name of politics and the money your parents handed down will always keep you and yours. You’ll never have to face cold, harsh, reality.

The rest of us will.


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