No, of course it has nothing to do with the law that will make compulsorily retirement of workers over 65 illegal… Because who would do that? Longleat has ‘retired’ its workers who are over 65. They are saying something about contracts not having been enforced but now are being – which to my mind isn’t a denial. They are suddenly enforcing the contracts their over-65 workers that provided for retirement at 65 very soon before a change in the law that would make it illegal. Yes, Longleat, that’s obvious discrimination (which is nasty, because of the spit-in-the-face undertones). Several of these staff members are a decade or more past 65… and you’re only now getting rid of them? All at once? Not suspicious at all…

It’s started. The privatisation of the NHS, that is. Eek!

Feeling really sorry for the Irish people right now… we’ve got our own problems, but theirs sound pretty nasty. And what the hell, Ireland – cutting the minimum wage?

As the first Welsh branch of Hooters – hooray for the objectification of women being enshrined in Welsh business, in two years it’ll be a ‘key part of the economy’ and sacrosanct – opens, there is a bit of mainstream media discussion about ‘the failure of young women to identify with feminism.’ Woo. Like we haven’t heard it all before. Hey, let’s have less discussion about feminism as a movement and have more discussion about the actual cause – the elimination of discrimination against female identified and assigned folks.

Labour MP David Winnock said the student protests were marvellous, and was reproached by Conservatives on the grounds of damage to property. Seriously? Property is more important than a generation’s futures? Welcome to Capitalist Britain, comrades!

Yep, I reckon they want class segregation. At least subconsiously. A scheme to encourage poorer pupils to go to university is being scrapped. Cut EMA, raise fees, scrap these schemes, cut education budgets… thanks, Government. And you’re wondering why we’re angry? Let me tell you, there’s loads more of us than there are of you…


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