Bloody UN

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Bodies, Law, Sexuality, World in decline
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Trigger warning for homophobia.

I’m finally getting around to talking about the UN voting to remove sexual orientation from a resolution to condemn extrajudicial killing.

So let me get this clear. Heterosexual, probably cis politicians voted that non-heterosexuals do not deserve protection. They justify it with their ‘cultural sensitivities.’ Thus, it is no longer a crime under the UN to kill a gay, bi, pan or other non-heterosexual person on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

There are no words for how wrong this is. (whether having sexual orientation there made any difference remains to be seen, but even an utterly ineffectual document has a little weight.) None. People are being murdered, executed, ostracised, beaten, raped and all manner of other terrible things – on account of who they love.

Fuck cultural sensitivities. Seriously. Culture is all well and good, but when it threatens lives then it’s crossed the line. Non-heterosexuals have existed since the dawn of time. Everywhere. There is no such thing as un-[insert country/continent/religion/culture here] when it comes to non-heterosexuality.

When a human life is threatened, there is no excuse for bigotry in the name of culture. And if you believe that I or others like me shouldn’t exist, seriously, fuck you. And fuck anything that causes that belief. Because we exist. And we are human. And we have worth. And we have a right to live. So do you. You are human. You have worth (however deeply you’ve buried it in hatred of others). You have a right to live. But you don’t have a right to encroach on our rights, either. Live and let live. You’ll soon learn the error of your ways.


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