The pillars of our society are crumbling, and we’re given a holiday to celebrate a Royal Wedding. Are we expected to sit in the ruins of our futures and dreams and rejoice, because some rich people are getting married? The world has moved on, or it should have. We no longer need to tug forelocks, smile when the leaders smile, cry when they cry, and never else. This false joy overlies the boiling anger in our lives, and as our children are held in the cold streets the media laughs to hear the wedding date.

Why do we listen? We must join our children. Join them, and stand in solidarity against the moneyed classes as they, with their huge hands and feet, crush our world unheedingly beneath them.

None of us are safe. If they will deploy armed police against the people, against the children, they will stop at nothing. No happy veneer of a woman and her man will mend this land. Nothing will mend this land, now, till we all extend hands to each other and pull close. Together, we will be stronger than all of them. All of those fools who, by design or by thoughtlessness – and it is of no consequence which, until the fight is done and stock must be taken – have set the very walls of our society alight, they are strong; but together, we can stand against them.

We are not trivial. We are not worthless. We have our hopes. We have our dreams. We have our talents. And we deserve to be able to use them. For all of us who look to democracy and see no true representation, you are right. We must demand it of them. And soon.


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