World AIDS Day 2010

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Bodies, Health

On World AIDS Day 2010, there has been progress. Anti-retroviral drugs have improved and so have the tests and testing structures we have in place. Awareness has improved as well.

But there’s still so much further to go. There’s still a huge stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. It’s still a punchline in teenage jokes. Myths and misinformation are still rife. People are still propagating the myth of it as the ‘gay disease.’ It’s still associated with prostitution, and there’s still blame attached to those who have it.

Many, many people, some of them children, around the globe are infected and have no access to drugs to control the condition. This is terrible. Many people have no access to means of protection, or don’t know they have the HIV virus. In 2007, there were approximately 2 million AIDS deaths worldwide, with 1.5 million of those deaths being in sub-Saharan Africa, which includes areas where access to drugs, protection, testing and information is often limited.

  1. Dreki says:

    Do you read Clarisse Thorn’s blog? She was doing work in Africa, partly involving AIDS. Even though a good 3/4 of deaths due to AIDS (if those statistics are still true) occur in Africa, they still don’t want to talk about sex.

    • JKBC says:

      I did see that post a couple of days ago, it’s excellent; it’s really incredible the lengths gone to to propagate sex negativity. I don’t see how talking about HIV without talking about sex can be done… at least not without leaving out A LOT of important work in education, which is a pretty vital area to cover. The information about PEPFAR Clarisse Thorn discusses is… scarcely believable. A fund supposedly to help combat the epidemic that won’t allow its money to go on condoms or organisations that aren’t utterly condemnatory towards sex work? Horrendous! Bloody kyriarchy.

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